About Synergy Americas Consortium Inc.
  • We are comprised of successful companies and professionals experienced with the planning, design & construction of green architecture, wind and solar farms, complete with sustainable land and ecological real-estate development.
  • Member companies are active as manufacturers and distributors of solar thermal components, solar photovoltaic power systems, solar concentrator systems, wind turbines, and other technologies.
  • We offer unique turn-key Solartecture ® (solar architecture) solutions; integrating renewable energy systems, elements and components for truly green buildings.
  • We specialize in multiple megawatt commercial and industrial projects.
  • We have international experience in the field and proven credentials.
Our Mission: Clean, safe and environmentally green–design
  • We offer the most advanced state of the art energy, food and water systems.
  • We offer solar powered plants for generation of electricity, heat, air conditioning and refrigeration.
  • We offer wind powered plants for the generation of electricity.
  • We are integrating wind-turbines, photovoltaic (PV) panels and other energy assets into existing and new buildings. These technologies make it possible for the building to become a net producer of energy and supplement the local power grid at a profit.
  • We offer unique turn-key Solartecture ® (solar architecture) solutions, integrating renewable energy systems, elements and components for truly green buildings.
  • Building owners can now take the first step in energy independence, with every available roof-space generating clean, green power.
The Global Infrastructure Dilemma
  • Global over-dependence on fossil fuels for transportation, heating our buildings and agricultural food production is provoking a global ecological and economic crisis.
  • In this last decade we have reached "peak oil" and petroleum dependence continues to spur geopolitical conflict.
  • Building owners can now take the first step in energy independence, with every available roof-space generating clean, green power.
  • Solar, wind, biomass, and other renewable energy technologies make it possible for energy consumers, building and land owners to become energy producers.
  • We need to ask:
  • Which state-of-the-art technologies and systems are ready for immediate manufacturing, application, and marketing?
  • Given the current state of financial markets and the global economic downturn, how do transitional energy strategies ensure long-term resilience?
Our Building Dilemma
  • "Data from the US Energy Information Administration illustrates that buildings are responsible for almost half (48%) of all energy consumption and GHG emissions annually; globally the percentage is even greater.
  • Seventy-six percent (76%) of all power plant-generated electricity is used just to operate buildings.
  • Immediate action in the Building Sector is essential if we are to avoid hazardous climate change."
Edward Mazria, The American Institute of Architects Founder, Architecture 2030
The Opportunity
  • "It is becoming clear that the future of our electric power will come less from large coal, gas and nuclear power plants, but more from millions of building-integrated micro generators and urban turbines, photoelectric solar panels mounted on the roof-tops of the city with wind and solar farms in the countryside.
  • Existing national power grids won't disappear. They will operate more like the Internet, as part of a complex energy web through which people and companies will supply electricity, by uploading, as well as downloading it."
Reinhold Ziegler, Solartect, Synergy International Inc.
Our Design Consortia
  • Starting as Synergy California L.P. and Synergy International Inc., in the US… Synergy Americas Consortium Inc. is bringing renewable energy to the Americas, India, the Middle East and beyond.
  • This Synergy Network is comprised of successful professionals in green architecture, solar, wind, solar concentrator manufacturing, complimented by sustainable land, and real estate development. We are a one-stop source delivering turn-key Solartecture® integrated with advanced state-of-the-art renewable energy technology, and true-green building elements and components.
  • We re-design buildings and open land into green and healthy environments powered by building-integrated renewable energy technology or ground mounted wind and solar energy systems.
Synergistic Services
  • Energy Conservation and Savings
    We retro-commission existing commercial buildings, improving operational efficiencies by 15 – 35%. Preliminary walk-through site surveys are followed by the installation of wireless sensors and data loggers which provide real-time data on the performance of the building or campus. Study of this data results in a decision to invest in those measures which have the highest return on investment in the shortest time frame. Typical returns on investment for efficient lighting is less than 2 years.
  • New Energy Generation
    Our core expertise is designing and installing building-integrated solar, wind, and hybrid systems on existing and new structures. This proprietary Solartecture ® is composed of architectural energy elements. The energy may be utilized on-site, or sold through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to a local utility. Building and land owners can become their own power companies.
Solartecture Energy Elements
The new energy architecture will have diffusers and shrouds for the wind turbines. These energy building-elements accelerate the mass flow of air through the turbines. Diffusers can be horizontal across the roof or mounted vertically along a high-rise. In some cases these shrouds can also be mounts for PV collectors. The diffusers can also have inlet and outlet screens to keep birds out. In the 10 to 20 mph range an increase of 2.5 mph in wind speed through the shroud will double the output of a wind turbine.
Synergistic Developers
Land and Infrastructure Projects:
  • Solar Farms - As design engineers and developers of ground-mounted and building-integrated PV and solar thermal arrays, we build, operate, and transfer these arrays into long-term service with 25 year warranties. We are your farming partners whether you are growing food or making electrons.
  • Wind Farms - Designers and builders of the "Fields Ranch", the third major wind farm in the world at Altamont Pass, CA, in 1981. As bonded site surveyors, we determine the wind spectrum, matching this data to appropriate wind turbines for deployment on remote landscapes and occasional buildings.
  • Bio Farms - Designers and architects of bio-intensive green buildings. We generate roof-top solar energy for growing our proprietary SYNPONIC® vegetables, nutriceuticals, and pharmaceutical crops at a factor of 8 over conventional farms, with only 1/20th the water.