Photovoltaic System for Holcim-Apasco 2009-2010
Solar Concentrator System for Holcim-Apasco: 2009-2012
Thermal Treatment Plant in British Isles: 2010
The plant is located on the British Iles (picture) and went live in 2010. Known as a Thermal Treatment Plant, it will operate constantly year round and is licensed to take 60,000 tonnes per annum of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. The process will utilize the waste heat to generate steam which will in turn drive a steam turbine driven generator capable of electricity. The plant will be processing the waste stream from a town or small city of 250,000 people.
Waste to Energy Plant in Eastern Europe: 2010
Waste to Energy Batch Gasification System (BGS) plant is currently under construction and is designed to treat 450tpd or 148,500 tons/year of mixed municipal waste. The plant will pro-duce 13.06MWe (Net) electric power and 65.32 MWt (Net) of Thermal Energy.
Green Infrastructure Project
The objective of the Green Infrastructure Project is to develop and deploy an integrated, large-scale system for production of abundant freshwater, energy, biomass and ecosystem services on a significant scale.
The first stage of the project is to establish a platform for international cooperation on innovation and development that paves the way for a large-scale roll-out of restorative agriculture and the security of fresh water and renewable energy supply. The project is coupled to an electric rail line and fiber optic high speed Internet which can shuttle people, products and information into urban corridors.
The Wind Energy Pavilion: 1980
The first public wind generator in San Francisco generating power for the first wind powered concerts, Ham radio Jamborees, and environmental center. Designed and built by Reinhold Ziegler through a grant from the US Department of Energy. Wind turbine and Pavilion was manufactured by our company: Aero Power - Earth Lab Institute, Berkeley CA
Turbo and HydroStar fluid turbines: 1988
Completed R&D in San Mateo, CA and received a US patent for development of one of the most efficient wind turbines ever built. Work continues to develop an under-water river turbine called HydroStar. TurboStar is now being manufactured in Oregon under the brand: HALO-TurboStar.
Urban Turbine and the Randall Museum: 2005
Installation of the first Urban Turbine in San Francisco. The machine has been monitored for any bird kills by Audubon Society and Sierra Club. None have been found after 4 years of continuous service, built for World Environment Day from a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Manufactured by: Aerotecture International Inc. Chicago
Wind and Solar-Powered Hybrid-Electric Ferry: 2008-09, Alcatraz Horblower Hybrid
Installation of 2-1KW Aerotecture wind turbines and 1.6 KW of Unisolar PV on the top canopy to a 3 Phase Inverter creating the first hybrid-electric ferry in the world. Design & Installation by Synergy California L.P. and Aerotecture International Inc.
SF PUC Administration building : 2006-2007
Honeywell Orion Research Campus: 2012
Produced a renewable energy project providing 18 wind turbines and 160 solar concentrator
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation Tower: 2007-2009
Waste to Energy Plant in North America: 2010
The 2000TPD capacity Continous Gasification System (CGS™) facility can process a total of approximately 660,000 metric tons of solid waste per year. At a net energy efficiency of 90-percent, CGS™ equipment processing the design waste stream, will deliver approximately 64.5MW of electrical energy, 322.5MW of thermal energy and approximately 510,840MWh annually. This power can be added to existing base-load.
The +/- 323MW of thermal energy produced is highly valuable for uses in the community, for industry or for local potable water production via a condenser methodology.